What We Do

Terror Technologies Extreme Events For Charity &
Terror Technologies Extreme Haunted House For Charity
We Host Buffalo’s Most Extreme Events, Such As:
Official Buffalo Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl For Charity
Official Buffalo Zombie Walk & Charity Crawl
Buffalo Valentines Vampires Ball For Charity
Spare the Zombies Moonlight Bowling For Charity
Disco of the Dead For Charity Dance
Buffalo Monster Halloween Masquerade For Charity
Allentown Apocalypse Monster Bar Crawl
Rave From The Grave For Charity
Skate For Hope To Benefit The National Kidney Foundation
Adopt A Zombie – Adopt A Highway Zombies Clean WNY
Zombies Against Hunger Food Drive
Ugly Xmas Sweater Party & Toy Drive
If A Zombie “CAN” So Can You – Canned Food Drive
BBQ A Zombie Picnic & Fundraiser
Halloween Prop Shop – Custom Made Props & How-To Haunt Your House Discs
WNY Haunters 2007 – current
IAHA International Association of Haunted Attractions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Darkride And Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE). 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Co-Host Put Hunger To Rest Hearse & Motorcycle Show for the Food Bank of WNY with RIP Hearse & Formal Car Society & South Side Kustoms
Co-Host Evil Easter Eve Concert with the Tonawanda Moose Lodge
We will co-host shows with South Side Kustoms / Guerilla Gallery / Maddtat2 / Madd Tiki Tattoo / Maximum Force Wrestling as well.
Terror Technologies & Madd-Terror Productions (Extreme Events)
Promoter, Event Coordinator, Booking Agent
Halloween Prop Shop Custom Props & How-To Haunt Discs
Comedy Of Fears Halloween Haunt & Horror Show
Pyromaster Productions Haunt Soundscapes
Terror Technologies Extreme Haunted House For Charity
Our Mission:
Is to provide professional Haunted Attraction Scares and Scenes for families on a budget. Not every family can afford $25 a head to have the crap scared out of them, and we willingly do it for FREE.
Close to 3000 SQUARE FEET OF TERROR. Outside but you would never know it because it is totally enclosed from the weather. Normally of 25 – 30 scare actors per night for the 100 guests per hour we average.
About Greg:
I was infected by the haunting disease at a very young age, store bought costumes were starting to take their hold in local Department stores, props really were not popular then, as far back as 4 years old I recall. Haunting was a passion.
During the 1970’s-80’s having thrown wild Halloween Parties for others decided to start doing a small set-up at home. So it started as basic store bought decorations and static props on the lawn,and hand out candy. It went from a couple dozen in 1990 to 500 kids in 1993. After volunteering at a neighborhood youth center I saw across the street there was a housing project back in the mid 90’s I witnessed kids going from door to door throughout the project and that was it. They thought Halloween didn’t exist any further than that. So in 1995 Halloween Prop Shop now Terror Technologies put on a Haunt for the kids of NNCC, from there we have been in many Halloween Haunt & Horror Magazines, graced the cover of one, our How-To Haunt Your House Instruction Discs have been reviewed in print as well. Former member of the International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA) & Darkride And Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE).
Giving Back, Entertaining Others, Making a Difference
How do the Charities –VS- Terror Technologies benefit?
Charities get 100% of donations.
Food Bank of WNY – receives 100% of the Food Drives collection.
Hearts for the Homeless – receives 100% of the Clothing Drives collection.
UNYTS – their staff handles all the Blood Drive & Organ Donation Drives.
Fundraisers – Family members of benefiting family handle all money transactions.
Donations – most items Donated go towards awards or raffles.
Terror Technologies profits from:
Event Admission.
Terror Tech Vendor Booth merchandise sales.
Select Raffles with our own products or our own donated items.
Photo Op’s like in the Electric Chair, Coffin, Go-Go Cage, Kissing Booth etc.
Vendors – most of the time it’s free or we ask for canned goods donations, but sometimes it’s $25 or $50 but they get free admission and or other perks to make it worth it to them.
These go towards expenses, such as the cost of posters, mini fliers, items needed for the event, lanyards & ID badges, and administrative costs for all the time it takes in the months of promoting it across town by visiting other events and online promotions.
Our staff is not paid and All of them are Volunteer workers. We try to get photo and video folks to donate their time but sometimes we pay out of our pockets for that.
Terror Technologies Extreme Haunted House for Charity this past 2011 season in 11 days and 45 hours of operation raised $1,060.00 for Make-A-Wish, 1,914 pounds for the Food Bank of WNY, drew enough blood for Upstate NY Transplant Services (UNYTS) to save 18 lives in Western New York and several hefty bags filled with winter hats / gloves / scarfs for Hearts for the Homeless. Our food drive total for Operation One Ton Food Challenge has raised a whopping 3,672 pounds of food, just 328 pounds short of Two tons. Attendance was 4,121 for 2011. Not bad for Home Haunters!

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